Bridal Package

Bridal Package



  • Consults: $25.00+

Consultation takes place at agreed location, over lunch, bridal residence and/or artist. Process may take up to 1 1/2 hours.


Consult consists of selecting makeup style, shades & colors to achieve preferred look for the special day which includes your selection of looks for the bridal party if included. (You may bring pictures that you would like for me to imitate during these meetings.)


Wedding day makeup application is to take place at either the ceremony location, residence, hotel suite or other selected location. This may take up to 2 hours depending on various factors.




  • Bride................................$75+ (Includes false eyelashes upon request)

  • Bride's Maid..................... $50+

  • Mother of Bride/Groom.....  $30+


(Packages can be customized to fit specific needs)


Optional: To ensure makeup is picture perfect, the bride may ask for touch-ups which may include reapplying, clean-up, re-attachments, additions, and all other possible incidents. Rate shall be discussed and decided based on bride's personal needs.


A 50% deposit of the total amount is required after the contract has been signed to secure event date and services.

All fees are due prior to service the day of the event.